lol thank god i watched the sponsor early screening of that short because it’s not available in germany on youtube … i wonder why /s

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@megturney: Our love in a nutshell.

i’m still not over this btw

I agreed to let @GavinFree shave the epic facial hair only if he’d wear a kigurumi. Winner!

wander-panzer: Do you guys charge for autorgraphs over at RTX? i want to know how much money i need to save up because i want a lot of autographs from you guys


Psh, nah, we do not charge (that happens?) We’re honored that you would want our autographs in the first place! Our ink stains are free.

To update: I even asked Gus, just in case. This was his response. I couldn’t have said it better myself. 


dysthyme said: omg how do people not like let’s builds

weeelll … lots and lots of problematic topics, that one incident that shall not be named .. i definitely get people who don’t enjoy it, but i just adore geoff and gavin together. 

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i know that makes me a piece of shit, but let’s builds are still one of my favorite series of AH. I blame it mostly on Geoff and Gavin’s relationship with each other though.

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Non-Playable Character • listen / art by my fiancee / fanfic by kari-kurofai

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i keep seeing posts about how there needs to be a soldier voiced by adam ellis in caboose’s squad in S12

so, uh… yeah.

here they are after breaking something probably