lol at ray being annoyed at people picking up on his running jokes … you’re the one who started it.

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the nyoom immersion was meg’s first time seeing gavin and she thought he was cute



i feel it


"So I hope you guys keep that in mind. If I ever do work with Rooster Teeth in the future, that I worked really hard to work with the people that I do,  and it’s not because I’m ever dating someone." - Leaving SourceFed FAQ


Gavin’s Recent Journal Entry on Rooster Teeth

I’m dying

✎ Anonymous: Literally, not a single person cares. Not even Gavin because guess what? They are friends. Get over yourself.

anon pls

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✎ Anonymous: excuse me but what video is /post/68402453685 from??

one of the loadout lps, but i don’t remember which one. 

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We didn’t learn anything! It gets less scientific every week!


So I was looking at some of Gavin’s old journals on the rt site and


shoot for the stars, everyone